by Ken Trivette

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Epaphroditus: The Charming Christian (5 of 18)
Ken Trivette
Series: Getting Better Acquainted With People of the New Testament
Philippians 2:25-30

1. How Dear He Was to the Man of God
a) A Son in God's Family
b) A Servant in God's Field
c) A Soldier in God's Fight
2. How Distressed He Was for the Church of God
a) The Seriousness of His Sickness
b) The Selflessness of His Sorrow
3. How Devoted He Was in the Work of God
a) A Total Disregard of His Life
b) A Total Devotion to His Lord

Someone has said that "God has great and wonderful things to display if he finds suitable showcases." As I continue looking at people we find in the New Testament, I want to look at a man that was a suitable showcase for God. He is one of those people in the New Testament that doesn't get a lot of attention. You rarely hear his name mentioned. It is possible you have never even heard of him. His name is Epaphroditus.

We know very little about him. The only time in the New Testament that his name is mentioned is in the Book of Philippians. Yet, in what we do know about him, we find a charming Christian. His name means "favored by Aphrodite." Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love which may indicate that he was a Gentile believer. The name later came to mean "loving, lovely" or "charming." Epaphroditus was one who truly lived up to the meaning of his name. He was indeed a charming Christian.

Someone has written:

"We are living a Gospel
A chapter each day,
By deed that we do,
By word that we say;
Men read what we live,
Whether faithless or true,
Say! What is the Gospel
According to you?"

Sadly, not everyone who claims to be a Christian lives as a Christian. What others read and see in the daily chapter of their life does not give the Gospel a good name. On the other hand, there are those, who like Epaphroditus, who live a charming Christian life and give the Gospel a good name.

Charles Spurgeon said, "I would not give much for your religion ...

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