by Ken Trivette

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Diotrephes: A Power Hungry Deacon (2 of 18)
Series: Getting Better Acquainted With People in the New Testament
Ken Trivette
III John 9-11

1. The Arrogance He Displayed
a) What He Desired
b) What He Demanded
2. The Attacks He Delivered
a) Deceptive Attacks
b) Divisive Attacks
3. The Authority He Dismissed
a) A Defiant Heart
b) A Depraved Heart

1. Dr. A. T. Robertson once wrote an article for a Southern Baptist state magazine. He described the conduct of Diotrephes. Twenty-five deacons from various Baptist churches wrote to the editor, canceling their subscriptions. They contended that Robertson was writing about them. It would seem he hit a nerve with a few deacons!

2. As every pastor knows, a deacon can either be a great blessing to a Church or grievous burden. During the years I pastored, I had the privilege of working with some men who were excellent deacons. They were men who loved God, understand their role as a deacon, were a great help to me as a pastor, and served the Lord and the Church in a commendable and fruitful way. These men hold a special place in my heart.

3. On the other hand, I have known a few (please excuse me) that should have been taken out and hung on a sour apple tree. They caused me and the Church nothing but heartache and sorrow. I discovered early in my ministry that not everyone should be or can be a deacon. I have known some good men that once they got on the deacon board they changed completely. They became a totally different person. The simple truth is; some men can't handle being made a deacon. It ruins them. It goes to their head rather than to their heart. Often the reason is they get power hungry.

4. I have often jokingly said that it ought to be a Federal law that a pastor be able to shoot one member a year. There have been times when a deacon would have been my target and other times when I probably would have gone over my quota. I AM JOKING YOU KNOW! I might add that some pastors should be sh ...

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