by Ken Trivette

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Andrew: A Fisher of Men (1 of 18)
Series: Getting Better Acquainted with People in the New Testament
Ken Trivette
John 1:35-42


1. Andrew as God's Son

a) Jesus is Publicly Announced
b) Jesus is Personally Accepted

2. Andrew as God's Servant

a) A Call to Serve
b) A Commitment to Serve

3. Andrew as God's Soulwinner

a) Bringing Loved Ones to Jesus
b) Bringing Little Ones to Jesus
c) Bringing Learned Ones to Jesus

1. On one occasion, during my last pastorate, I visited a lady in the hospital who had cancer. She was reading a book about people in the Bible. She said to me, ''I may be going to heaven soon and I want to learn about the people I am going to meet.'' She is with the Lord now and has met the people we read about in the Bible.

2. Imagine meeting Moses, Elijah, John the Baptist, and Peter. We will one day. What an amazing thought. Since we are going to meet the people of the Bible when we get to heaven, we should get to know them better in this life. I want us to look at several of the people that we find in the New Testament. Some of them we know better than others. Some are better known than others. All of them we want to get to know or get to know better.

3. The first that I want us to look at is Andrew. He is one of the better known personalities of the New Testament but well worth a fresh look at his life. As I have read about him through the eyes of others I have found that time and time again he is referred to as an ordinary man. By ordinary, it is meant that he is like most of us. Andrew was not ''big'' as we might describe others.

4. An interesting feature about his life is that he was always playing second fiddle to his brother Peter. Peter seemly got all the attention. He was the ''big preacher.'' Andrew was always in his shadow. Peter was the gifted preacher, Andrew doesn't appear to have so gifted. Like Peter, he was a disciple of the Lord Jesus, but he doesn't get the attention that Peter and som ...

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