by Ernest Easley

The Gospel Has Purpose
Series: Back to the Basics
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Acts 14:1-22

As you are turning to the 14th chapter of Acts ... I am encouraging every member of our fellowship and in addition .. every person who is prayerfully considering RSBC as their church home .. to be back tonight at 6:00 p.m. in the Worship Center as we share what our Advisory Council has been doing and its impact on our church organization in the future.

In addition .. you will have the opportunity to discover various mission opportunities locally .. nationally and internationally that you can be a part of over the next twelve months. Tonight will be a great night and I hope to see you here.

From the book of Acts we know that God is calling every Christian and every Bible believing Church back to the basics of what He desired and designed from the beginning. And as we look in on the first century church .. it doesn't take long to realize that we have a way to go to get there. But I believe we're on our way.

God's looking for and longing for churches like ours .. to get back to the basics: living under the authority of scripture .. Spirit-Filled .. promoting and protecting the unity .. filled with grace .. helping the hurting .. possessing a what-ever-it-takes attitude for getting the gospel out and as we'll see today .. it also includes being soul-conscience.!

That's New Testament Christianity! That's God's design for His Church! And as a result .. the 1st century church was filled with purpose and purity and power, passion and people! That's what any bible-believing church can anticipate as they get back to the basics!

In our study of the book of Acts ... we come today to chapter 14 as those first international missionaries Paul and Barnabas .. who were sent out from the church at Antioch .. continue and conclude their first missionary journey which lasted about one year.

Now last time as we concluded chapter 13 .. Paul's first recorded sermon was delivere ...

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