by Ernest Easley

How to Hang in When You Want to Walk Out
Series: Back to the Basics
Ernest L. Easley
Acts 18:1-11

When was the last time you felt like walking out? Perhaps for you it was your job. Or maybe it was your marriage. You're thinking, ''If one more thing happens .. I am walking out of this marriage.''

It may be teaching your Sunday School class. You faithfully prepare each week that lesson and you encourage your members to be inviting and enrolling new people and yet .. your class isn't growing and seeing people saved and you've gotten discouraged. You're thinking, ''Maybe it's time for me to leave.''

Or maybe for you some other ministry within our fellowship and you're feeling burned out. How do you beat burnout? How do you defeat discouragement? How do you overcome frustration? How do you hang in when you feel like walking out?

Well .. the Apostle Paul knew exactly how you feel. He was dealing with fatigue. He had been run out of Thessalonica and went to Berea. Once there .. he was seeing people come to Jesus and when the people of Thessalonica heard about it .. they sent a group to Berea to silence him.

Then he headed to Cornith ... preaching every day and facing more opposition. But not only fatigue .. he felt like a failure. Everywhere he went he got run out of town. And he was feeling like a failure. When you consider yourself a failure .. that will cause you to want to walk out. Walk out of a marriage. Walk out of a job. Walk out of a friendship. Walk out of your Sunday School class. Walk away from the choir. WALK OUT!

Fatigue will cause it. Failure will cause it. Frustration will cause it. Paul was experiencing all three and he was ready to walk out and walk away. But he was about to learn that it is always too soon to quit.

Have you ever been there? I certainly have! And if you live along enough .. you will be there too!

Well ..that's what I want to talk to you about today from the 18th chapter of Acts as we continue our series of me ...

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