by Ernest Easley

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Touching Our World For Christ (Part I)
Series: Back To The Basics
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Acts 13.1-13
August 3, 2008

We are learning these days from the book of Acts what it means to be a Christian and to be the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. And clearly .. God is calling every Christian and every bible believing Church back to the basics.
That once again .. His plan becomes our plan. That His purpose becomes our purpose. That His passion becomes our passion as we decide to once again live under the authority of scripture ... filled with the Holy Spirit .. promoting and protecting the unity of the fellowship .. having a what-ever-it-takes attitude for getting the gospel out .. and being full of grace in meeting the needs of others.
It's no wonder the church at Antioch was exploding with growth: they were a grace filled church. Somebody says, "How did they become a grace filled church?" I can tell you how! The members had all been saved by grace and they lived by grace and they showed that grace through their love and concern for others!
What a fellowship! What a church! That's the kind of fellowship that God was blessing in the first century and that's the kind of fellowship that God is still looking for to bless in the 21st century! And how we need to rise up and say, "Lord, we'll be that kind of church for Your glory and for our good."
Now today we come to the 13th chapter in our study of the book of Acts. And it's from this 13th chapter that we are going to find that getting back to the basics involves our having a vision for the world! It involves our having a what-ever-it-takes attitude for the gospel to move out from here to touch our world for Christ!
Do you know when churches get into trouble? When they focus on themselves. It's called "ingrowneyeballitis" and it can be fatal! The same thing happens in marriage. When a husband in a marriage seeks to have his needs met with no regard to the needs of his wife ... there will ...

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