by Ernest Easley

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A Gospel Break Through (Part I)
Series: Back To The Basics
Acts 10
Dr. Ernest L. Easley

What does it mean to be a Christian? Is being a Christian a title we bear or is it a life that we share? And what about being the Church? Is church something you simply attend or is it something you are?

Well .. the answers to those questions and more are found in the New Testament book of Acts

where we are learning these days what it means to be a Christian and to be the Church and what it is going to take for us to get back to the basics!

Take your Bible and join me in the 10th chapter of the book of Acts where we are find the gospel breaking through social and religious barriers to bring the first Gentile into a relationship with Jesus. His name was Cornelius.

Look there with me .. Acts 10.1 .. as we think about this Gospel Break Through and what it meant back then to Cornelius and his family and what it means for us and our families today .. and yes .. what it means for us and our Church family today.

Now let me tell you what we're about to find. This Gentile named Cornelius was living in Caesarea where he was serving in the Italian army. Peter was a few miles away in Joppa. And God gave them both a vision that brought them together. Isn't that just like God? He's always working to bring a seeking soul (Cornelius) and a willing witness (Peter) together.

Now back in chapter 9.33 .. we read that Peter ''found a certain man named Aeneas.'' And remember .. the word ''found'' speaks of finding something that you're looking for. Peter was on the look out for somebody hurting ... somebody in need. So that by meeting that need he had the opportunity to share Jesus with them. He first SHOWED them Jesus and then he SHARED Jesus with them. First came DEMONSTRATION followed by DECLARATION. And how I pray that RSBC will be known throughout our community as a church that cares! That when people talk about us .. that they'll say, ''That's the church that cares ab ...

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