by Ernest Easley

The Life-Changing Power Of The Gospel
Series: Back To The Basics
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Acts 9.10-25
June 1, 2008

The first century church was full of POWER and full of PRAISE! The membership had Power .. that is Power through the Holy Spirit while the fellowship had Praise .. that is Praise to the Son of God! They kept Jesus in the spot light! They kept lifting up Jesus!
And as a result of taking Jesus to the community and talking Jesus to the community .. multitudes were coming to know Him .. being baptized .. and being assimilated into the fellowship where they began growing and becoming all they could for God!
That's what excites me about our getting back to the basics of what it means to be a Christian and the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ! The early church was known for being a People Sharing Jesus. I told our staff last Monday that if Roswell Street Baptist Church is known for anything .. we ought to be known for the same thing the early church was known for: it's passion for sharing Jesus!
So that when we meet people throughout the week and they discover that we are a part of Roswell Street Baptist Church .. they ought to immediately think, "Oh yes .. that's the church that does whatever it takes to bring people to Jesus! That's the church where the membership has POWER and the fellowship has PRAISE."
One night while two men were sleeping on a houseboat, the boat broke away from its moorings and drifted into the open sea. The first man up that morning went outside and saw that they were drifting with no land in sight. Excitedly, he yelled, "Jack, get up quickly, we ain't here anymore!"
I'm afraid ... that over time .. too many of our churches have drifted out to sea and the further we drift .. the further we get away from the basics of what it means to be a Christian and the Church. It's time that somebody stands up and say, "We ain't here anymore! It's time for the church to rise up and be the church again. And for that to happ ...

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