by John Barnett

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Vital Signs of Faith (28 of 38)
John Barnett

This morning our passage in James is all about genuine, reliable, life changing and soul saving faith.
Faith displays itself in godly works is the thesis of this loving pastor's letter. As he writes guided by the Holy Spirit his words are like the guidelines posted in an emergency room or in a rescue vehicle.
James gives us "seven vital signs of Living Faith".
Living Faith puts on Christ. Saving faith in action looks like Jesus in its actions. The only proof of life according to James is lived out faith, displayed in godly works. This is the obligation of every believer: "Put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh in regard to its lusts" (Rom. 13:14). The goal of the Christian life is Christ-likeness.

I wonder if you have read (15) that moving story of Jerome K. Jerome's called The Passing of the Third Floor Back? Roughly, the tale is of a poor-class lodging house, where lived a heterogeneous company of needy and seedy folk, and where there was a poor, ignorant little servant-girl, a good deal of a slut, and ready to sell her virtue for a worthless trinket.

Into the place there came one day a lodger who at once seemed to be different, and who occupied the third floor back. He quickly revealed himself to have a very kind heart and way. He always had a kindly word for the little servant girl, usually so ignored and downtrodden.
She almost worshipped him.
As the weeks passed this quiet stranger impacted every one of the tenants. Each of the other lodgers soon owed him much for his many deeds of helpfulness.
He was always doing something for somebody, in his kindly, sympathetic way.

At last the day came for him to move elsewhere. The little maid watched him, open-eyed, as he walked with his bit of luggage to the front door; and as he turned to her with a smile and a gentle pat on the shoulder, she took her leave of him with the words, "Please kind sir, are you Him?"

She ...

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