by John Barnett

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Job and Noah (9 of 38)
John Barnett
Cheer For Dads Who Pray!

Fathers of the Word will be like Job who prayed for His family. Job 1:5 - WOW. Do you see how serious this dad was? Job had five objectives:
He studied his children : Job knew what was going on in his kids' lives. He had learned the "completed cycle". He knew his daughters were at home and had invited out his sons.
He sought spiritual goals for his children : Job sought their personal lives to be consecrated "sent and consecrate", examined and cleansed. The three greatest questions your children need to answer:
• What kind of friends will they choose? Jesus at 12 sought out the older, wiser, temple elders. (Luke 2 :46)
• What will they follow as their Life purpose? (giver/taker) Jesus sought His father's business (Luke 2:49)
• Will they yield to the authority of their parents? Jesus subjected Himself to His parents (Luke 2:51)
He sanctified his children : Job personally stood as priest of his family offering atoning sacrifices for sin in general. He was their intercessor. He prayed and sought God for each of them!
He saw his children from God's perspective : He was not only concerned about externals, he was vitally concerned about the heart! "In hearts" Prov 3:1,3,5; I Sam 16:7
He stayed faithful in praying for his children : Job continually did so with spiritual persistence, "continually". A Godly father in tune with the Scriptures will:

• Always know his children deeply, personally and directly . . .
• Always get involved in making sure they keep pure . . .
• Always stands ready to seek their repentance and restoration
• Always looks at heart attitudes and Never stop!
• So, Fathers of the Word will be like Job who was involved prayerfully with his family.
Cheer for dads who lead! Fathers of the Word will be like Noah who led his family . Turn to Heb. 11:7, the inspired writer condenses Gen. 6-9 into one verse. Noah:
Noah stood alone against the world. led because he Believed God ...

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