by John Barnett

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Joseph: Father of James (8 of 38)
John Barnett

This summer in the most out of the way place, someone challenged me. It was the apple shanty at the very back corner of SDC while bending over the five cent taffy jar that we saw them. They hadn't been to church for a couple of months and so I just said we missed you. Then it all came out. The Lord directed our paths so that out of thousands of people and possible locations we met there. What was it they felt? They said we don't feel like we are good enough for TBC. Everyone is perfect. I said no we surely aren't. Then he said, I wish someone would just get up and say its hard, and we are struggling. Well, its hard and we all are struggling through life!

One of the biggest struggles is being a dad. Have you ever thought about how to qualify as a dad? There is no training, no courses required. No license or degree, it just happens. And off you go on the hardest job in life. We know about qualifying. You need to qualify for a job, a scholarship, a loan. You must qualify for the team, the finals and so on. But what about with God. Look who God uses!
God Uses These Men
• God uses a doubting and sometimes disobedient dad named Abraham to be the father of the faithful.
• Jacob was a cheat and liar and yet becomes the father of God's people Israel.
• Moses was a murderer and dragged his feet in obedience yet led and taught the people knowing God face to face.
• Joshua was fooled by the Gibeonites.
• Gideon had trouble trusting God at first.
• David was a ladies man and a poor father.
All this to say the key is not the person God uses, it is the Lord! We are all unqualified to do what needs to be done so the key is a willing and responsive heart. That is all God is looking for! What happens when we let Him use us? Great things!
1. Godly dads like Joseph are full of compassion. Matthew 1:19 and demonstrate love to their families. Matthew 2:13-16 Joseph was a leader in Caring. He was a protector of his famil ...

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