by Daniel Rodgers

Do You See What I See?
Dan Rodgers
II Kings 6:8-17

INTRODUCTION: This story begins with a very familiar ring to it--it sounds much like a page out of the morning newspaper: "Then the King of Syria warred against Israel."

Israel and Syria have been at war for centuries--not much has changed--the present day conflict with Syria and Israel has an age-old, Biblical background. In our story, the King of Syria was disturbed because every plan he made against Israel was discovered by the King of Israel. He came to the conclusion that there was a spy in his camp, so he called together his military in an attempt to find the traitor. In vs.11, he said, "Will ye not show me which of us is for the King of Israel?" The truth of the matter is there was no one--they were all loyal to him.

In vs.12, one of the king's servants reveals that it was Elisha who continued to warn the King of Israel--God simply revealed the strategy to Elisha every time the king of Syria made a move. When the king of Syria learns about Elisha, he makes plans to kill him, so he sends spies to see where he is. In vs. 13, he said, "Go and spy where he is, that I may send and fetch him. And it was told him, saying, Behold, he is in Dothan."

As our story develops, I want us to see three things:

I. A Sudden Surprise
II. A Present Danger
III. A Calm Assurance


You will notice that the enemy--the Syrians, did not announce their coming...they didn't come in the middle of the day. They came under the cover of darkness--clandestinely, secretly, in hopes of taking God's man by surprise. Isn't that usually when the enemy comes--when we least expect him--when we are minding our own business, when we are at peace with ourselves and everyone around us--when everything is going well? So many Christians are caught off guard because they never expect the enemy. Here are a couple of things we ought to consider as we read this story:

A. We Should ...

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