by John Barnett

Wearing His Faith
John Barnett
Ephesians 6:10-18


As I was reading about the armor of God I was reading some stories of what the old battles used to be like--and the Roman Legionnaires and they said that at the height when they were winning before Rome started its decline that a normal siege would leave the Legionnaires--- and I quote what the historian said: looking like a bunch of roasted porcupines. What they meant was the shields were so pierced and filled with all those arrows that were smoldering that they looked porcupines with those bristles sticking out. And yet it said their shields extinguished every arrow that came their way.

I was thinking about us and as you're turning toward Matthew 4 where we're going to read in just a moment- sometimes we don't even realize how many arrows, how many flaming missiles, how many fiery darts the evil one and his countless legions are winging our way. But as long as we are holding the shield of faith, wearing faith as our victory--as the song writer put it--- then it doesn't matter how many come in how many directions with how many different flavors of volatility in our lives--that they're all extinguished and they just smolder in our shield of faith. And that's what we're going to see tonight as we learn the 4th piece of armor--wearing Christ's faith.

Before we read Matthew 4 I'd like to just share with you what Satan is doing because we need to watch out--he's constantly winging deadly missiles our way.

Above the softness of our blue green planet there are hostile forces poised with us as their target. They range across space lurking and flying about at their master's bidding. They are former angels. They are Satan the Dragon's army. They are deadly, vile, malignant and very intelligent. In fact, the word demon in Greek means "intelligence". We have a meaning for that word but the literal Greek word means intelligence. These are highly intelligent, ...

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