by John Barnett

Wearing His Peace
John Barnett
Ephesians 6:10-18

We are looking at the shoes of peace that we are all to be wearing and I wonder if you are sure you have your shoes strapped on. Turn in your Bible to Isaiah 48- that's where we're going to be in the Scriptures. As you're turning there I'd like to share...

Many years ago it was a spiritual highlight of my life as I was ministering in Eastern Europe- especially in the former East Germany--those saints there pointed out the wonderful spiritual heritage spot in all of our lives, the 500 year old home of Martin Luther. I remember going through that 500 year old home and while every body else was looking at one part I wanted to slip upstairs because I remember from the church history books about one of the turning points in Martin Luther's life that took place upstairs in his study. So I got up there and of course the East German communists didn't make very much of this site because it wasn't in keeping with communism but I remember going up there and seeing on the wall of his study was the faint stain of an inkwell that smashed and spilled ink. If you know anything about church history you know about Martin Luther's pilgrimage--- devout Roman Catholic who became a priest and went into the Augustinian monastery--- nearly killed himself with starvation, sleeping on a cold stone floor trying to make God happy because he knew he was a sinner. Finally one of the Augustinian monks pointed him- of all things to the Bible instead of to more penitence and sacramental things he began reading the Bible and finally came to personal faith in Christ through the "just shall live by faith". In that time he began seeing that for over 1000 years the normal people had been kept from the Word of God so he began laboring to teach the Word of God in the language of the people. He began translating the Scriptures from the Greek and Hebrew manuscripts and the Latin Vulgate into the language of the people. It was such a monumental thing ...

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