by Steve Wagers

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When Revival Outlasts the Church Service (8 of 10)
Series: A Closer Look at the Book: NEHEMIAH
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Nehemiah 9-10
March 8. 2009

Sermon Outline
1. Lord, Redeem Us!
A) Immense Conviction
1) Humiliation
2) Separation
B) Intense Confession
1) Personal Confession
2) National Confession
2. Lord, Remember Us!
A) A God who is Preeminently Sovereign
1) He Created it All
2) He Controls it All
3) He Completes it All
B) A God who is Patiently Sympathetic
1) Bountiful
2) Merciful
3. Lord, Renew Us!
A) A Commitment to Stewardship
B) A Covenant of Lordship
1) Obey the Word of God
2) Honor the House of God
3) Seek the Glory of God

Sam Jones was a fiery preacher of the past generation. Born in Cartersville, Georgia, he was famous for what was known as "quit tin'" meetings. His preaching was directed to Christians, and he urged them to give up any sinful practice in their lives.

His messages were very effective and many people had committed to quit swearing, drinking, smoking and gossiping. On one occasion, Jones asked a woman, "Just what is it that you are quitting?" She said, "I'm guilty of not doing something, and I'm quitting that too."
I believe it would safe to title Nehemiah 9 as a 'Quit tin' meeting. In Nehemiah 8, there was a Watergate revival. It was a 7 day Bible conference, which highlighted Bible exposition at its finest. The priest brought the Word, the preacher taught the Word, and the people caught the Word.

Today, we hold 3-5 day services and call them "revivals." However, when the last service is over, things are still the same way they were before the first service started. Thus, while we may have had a meeting, we did not have revival.

However, while the 7 day Bible conference had ended, in Nehemiah 8, the revival continued in Nehemiah 9. In Nehemiah 8 there was a time of feasting; but, in Nehemiah 9 there is a time of fasting. Nehemiah 8 was a time of celebration; Nehemiah 9 i ...

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