by Rex Yancey

Honey in a Lion's Carcass
Rex Yancey
Judges 14:8-9

Samson's colorful personality, conduct, words, and escapades would make an interesting read in a book.

-Paul told Timothy that the Bible was given for instruction. We have a real need for instruction. We are traveling an unknown path. If we cannot learn from the mistakes and successes of others we have a long life ahead of us.

-One of the things I have learned in my life is the fact that everybody can teach us something. In Andy Kapp, Andy is talking to Flo and he is really down on himself. He says "I am not worth anything Flo." She says, "Andy, do not be too hard on yourself. If nothing else you serve as a horrible example." Even Andy can teach us something.

-This morning I want to use this text as an example of what we can expect to face in the Christian life. We will face conflicts, confections, and a commission.

-Let me give you the background of this text. Samson was raised by God-fearing parents. I picture him as a strong good-looking man. Herein lay his downfall. It evidently went to his head. Some lady told him how strong he was and how good looking he was and he had the audacity to believe it.

Outward beauty, strength, talent, athletics, and popularity all come with a price tag attached to them. Few people can keep their head on their shoulders. The result is they travel a downward path. Brittany Spears is a perfect example of this.

¬I picture Samson as a high school bad boy that the girls loved. However, many bad boys never grow up to become responsible men.

-Samson was going to see a woman he would have been better off not seeing.

He encountered a lion. He had nothing in his hand to fight the lion. He was so strong he killed the lion with his bare hands.

-On his way back from his girlfriend's house he draws aside to see the dead carcass of the lion. The vultures had decimated the remains of the lion and a swarm of bees had taken up residence in the carcass. He took some ...

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