by Daniel Rodgers

Will America Ever Turn Back to God?
Dan Rodgers
Psalm 11:3, Psalm 9:17, Proverbs 29:2

ILLUS: There have been three notable spiritual awakenings in America. Let share the following article.


One of the men that God began this first great Awakening with was the godly Jonathan Edwards from North Hampton, Massachusetts. Edwards desired to have the people in his congregation become more devoted to God in serious considerations of the fear of God and the judgments of God. He sought to see the apathy and lukewarmness purged from his people thus he began to pray and fast for the entire week and the Lord gave him the message during that time to preach titled: "Sinners in the hands of a Angry God." The next sabbath when Edwards delivered this message it shook the entire congregation in as much so that people clinging to the pillars of the church and cried out "mercy" for they felt as though they were sinking into the pits of judgment and hell as he spoke. At the same time the apostolic Whitefield was in America from England preaching and gathering crowds of tens of thousands to hear the preaching of the new birth with force and unction. Through these masses of penitent sinners seeking the face of God there was visible change and great results from their coming in contact with God. Edwards shares on the change of society around him during this time: "There has remained a more general seriousness and decency in attending the public worship. There has been a very great alteration among the youth of the town with respect to reveling, frolicking, profane and unclean conversation, and lewd songs. Instances of fornication have been very rare. There has also been a great alteration among both old and young with respect to tavern haunting. I suppose the town has been in no measure so free of vice in these respects for any long time together for these sixty years as it has been these nine years past." Someone has spoken of these great ...

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