by Johnny Hunt

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Worshippers, Come and Worship (2 of 3)
Johnny Hunt
Hebrews 10:19-23
March 8, 2009

INTRODUCTION: "YOU MUST UNDERSTAND from the beginning that the writing of this book has been a frustrating experience for me.

At first, I blamed my frustration on the breadth of the subject; and I wondered if any writer was capable of dealing with so vast a theme as Christian worship. Beside that, certain aspects of worship are not easy to define or explain; and at times I felt like a man trying to lay sunbeams in a row while evening was marching in.

Then I decided that the problem was not the vastness of the subject but the narrowness of my own experience. After all, most of my worship experience has been in the fundamentalist 'independent church' tradition where the word worship was found only on the cover of the hymnal. If not by word, at least by example, my peers taught me to be suspicious of "liturgy' and to major on winning the lost and sending out foreign missionaries. Even my ministerial training added little to my appreciation of Christian worship."
Warren Wiersbe

"When men worship Jesus Christ, they do not fall at his feet in broken submission, but in wondering love. A man does not say, 'I cannot resist a might like that.' He says, 'Love so amazing, so divine, demands my life, my soul, my all.' A man does not say, 'I am battered into surrender.' He says, 'I am lost in wonder, love, and praise.'"
William Barclay

"Worship does not satisfy our hunger for God – it whets our appetite."
Eugene Peterson

"Worship is an active response to God whereby we declare His worth." "Worship is not simply a mood; it is a response. Worship is not just a feeling; it is a declaration."
Ronald Allen

"Worship 'is something we ...

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