by Stan Coffey

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Demon Possession - Is It Real? (2 of 4)
Series: Gospel Fire
Stan Coffey
Mark 5:1-10; 17-20

I want you to take your Bible and turn to Mark chapter 5. We are continuing our series entitled, ''Gospel Fire.'' Today's message is, ''Demon Possession, Is It Real.'' Many people take the matter of Satan and demon possession much too lightly.

Perhaps you heard about the lady whose husband came home every night drunk and disorderly. He was making their lives miserable. She tried everything she knew to remedy the situation but nothing seemed to work. So she said to herself, ''I'll scare him out of his drinking habit.'' So one night while he was out getting drunk, she put on a devil's suit. Sure enough at two o'clock in the morning he came through the front door drunk; whereupon, she jumped in front of him with that devil's suit on and said, ''I'm the devil, you'd better be scared of me.'' ''No, he said. I'm not scared of you. I've been married to your sister for forty years.''

In a little country church they were having a revival, and one night the preacher preached on the devil. Well, the next night a mischievious boys decided to play a trick. The church was packed that night and just when the evangelist got up to preach, here came this boy down the aisle in a devil's suit. People began to get up and run out of that church as quickly as they could. Everybody left except a little on lady on the front seat. The boy in the devil's suit went up to her and said, ''lady, I'm the devil,'' ''aren't you scared of me.'' ''She said no, I've been a member of this church for 40 years, but I've been on your side all the time.''

Well, the truth is Satan is real, demons are real, and we need to know what the Bible says about demons and demon possession. Jesus and Paul dealt with demons on many occasions.

We find in our text a man who was possessed not by one demon, but by many demons. He is an example of the dirty work the devil can do, but he is also an example of the pow ...

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