by Dennis Marquardt

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Remember the Miracles (6 of 14)
Series: Remember
Dennis Marquardt
Psalm 77:1-20

INTRO: Remember all the weird fears you had as kid? Why did we have such crazy fears? Such things as that dark basement ... you know, the boogie man that lived down there! Or, occasionally the boogie man moved upstairs to hide under your bed or in your closet! Kids of course have fears for many different things because they have no reference point from history to allay those fears! As adults we learn that these fears are dumb because the history of our life proves to us that no boogie men exist!

Diseases that rob adults of their past memories often leave them fearful and paranoid again, just like being a child again. The ability to remember gives direction to our lives in the present and for the future.

PROP. SENT: Remembering the miracles God has done for others as well as those He has done for us will help establish a healthier and steadier walk with God in the present as well as in the future. We are less apt to slip away from God if we can recall His faithful help in times past.

I. PLACE OF TRAGEDY Psalm 77:1-9

A. Great Pain Psalm 77:1-2
1. Asaph had gone through some great trial and here he is recalling how it had impacted him and his faith in God.
a. Asaph was one of the choir directors in David's time.
b. Some great distress had come into his life and turned him upside down, even though he was a leader of God's people he had a hard time reconciling his faith to this event!
2. This was not the first struggle Asaph had felt, notice in Psalm 73 he talks about almost slipping with his faith!
3. Notice too Psalm 74:9 ''We are given no miraculous signs ... how long will this be?''
a. Asaph knew despair and its affect on his faith!
b. Even the best of God's people hit great pain in their life, things they can't explain or reconcile with faith in a good God!
4. Notice Asaph's description of how this trial had affected him:
a. He implies that God wasn't heari ...

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