by Dennis Marquardt

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Remember My Word (2 of 14)
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Dennis Marquardt
Deuteronomy 4:1-14

INTRO: The purpose of books is to preserve knowledge from one generation to another so that each generation doesn't have to start from scratch when learning about life. Verbal language alone was not enough to preserve knowledge, books were required to preserve the huge pool of knowledge gleaned from one generation to another, it has been the ability to preserve this knowledge in written form and thus making it available to each generation that has transformed humanity!

It is therefore highly significant that God was so concerned for His people to preserve knowledge about Him and His ways that He Himself wrote one of the earliest documents on tablets of stone so that each generation of His people could pass this information on and on.

Israel's knowledge about God often determined the quality of their life, when that knowledge declined through avoiding or losing it Israel's national life declined, usually ending with their captivity! No wonder David said in Psa 119:11 ''I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.'' David meant by ''hiding'' that he had committed God's Word to his memory and soul, by doing so he was much less likely to sin.

Where are you in your knowledge of God's Word? How much do you really remember? Where is our country in the knowledge of God's Word?

ILLUS: A study was conducted by a teacher at the Newton High School in Massachusetts among college bound juniors and seniors on their knowledge of the Bible. This was done prior to a class on ''The Bible as literature.'' This High School is con¬sidered one of the better high schools in the country. The responses to the questions went like this: ''Sodom and Gomorrah were lovers;'' ''Jezebel was Ahab's donkey;'' some students thought the 4 horsemen appeared on the Acropolis;'' that the New Testament Gospels were written by Matthew, Mark, Luther, and John; that Eve was created ''f ...

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