by Dennis Marquardt

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Remember the Day You Came Out of Egypt (1 of 14)
Series: Remember
Dennis Marquardt
Exodus 13:3-14:31

INTRO: What would life be like without memory? To find out you only have to find someone with Alzheimer's disease. It is a hideous disease that robs a person of their memory, eventually their memory of literally everything disappears, even their memory of how to swallow food, and finally death.

Memory plays one of the most important functions in order for us to be truly human! The inability to remember the past invites chaos into the present and means an uncertain future without meaning. It is for this reason that we find many of the commands and stories in the Bible prefaced with: "Remember ..." "Recital" of the past is often a prelude to "revival" in the present with the goal of "renewal" in the future.

The whole purpose for repeating "communion" as a Church body according to Jesus' own instructions was to "REMEMBER!" Jesus told his disciples, "As often as you do this, you do it in REMEMBERANCE of me." We are to remember what God has done and where we have come from ... lest we become tempted to return back to our old way of life. Those who fail to remember the slavery of sin are destined to return to that way of life. Every time Israel forgot what Egypt was REALLY like they got the itch to go back! For this reason God asked them to have an annual event to "remember the day they came out of Egypt!" They must not forget or they will return and miss the Promise Land!

PROP SENT: It is important that we remember where we have come from, how God has delivered us from this world, or we will return to our old ways. It was easier getting Israel out of Egypt than it was getting Egypt out of Israel!

I. REMEMBER THE DAY! Ex. 13:3-22

A. Purity Ex. 13:3-10
1. "Remember this day," (KJV) the day they came out of Egypt. Ex. 13:3a
a. If they forgot how horrible slavery was, they might be tempted to return to it when times get tough, how t ...

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