by Dennis Marquardt

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The Judgment Rule (3 of 6)
Series: Rules for the Redeemed
Dennis Marquardt
Matthew 7:1-6

INTRO: It is so easy to get into the trap of judging others unfairly!

ILLUS: Like the lady in an airport waiting for the plane to arrive. She bought a book to read and a package of cookies to eat. She sat down and was reading her book when a man sat down beside her. Suddenly she noticed the man opening the package of cookies that sat between them! She was shocked to see him help himself to several of the cookies! To make a point she quickly reached out and took several cookies herself, hoping he would notice and feel ashamed of himself for helping himself to her cookies. The man didn't say a word when she helped herself ... but soon he reached over again and took another cookie; she quickly did the same again. This went on for some time until the whole bag was gone, all except one cookie. Before she could grab the last cookie he reached over and took it and broke it into 2 pieces and then left! As she too got up and boarded the newly arrived plane she was debating saying something to the freeloading man when she reached down into her purse to get something and to her horror discovered the bag of cookies she had bought still unopened in her purse where she had forgotten and put it! She had been eating HIS cookies all along, while condemning him in her heart! She was guilty of the very thing she judged him for! – Source Unknown

Jesus condemns judging others with a self-righteous spirit; it gains us nothing as believers. Like one man said, "HE WHO THROWS DIRT LOSES GROUND." Critical attitudes toward others usually drive them away from God ... and the sad fact is that we need so much work in our own lives that we can spend a great deal more productive effort with self-criticism!

It is important that we learn to build up and not tear down others; it is harder to do, but it is certainly better!

PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches us that there are 2 kinds of ...

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