by Dennis Marquardt

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The Money Rule (1 of 6)
Series: Rules for the Redeemed
Dennis Marquardt
Matthew 6:19-24

INTRO: Jesus spoke 37 parables that we have recorded in the Bible, of these, 17 or almost half of them were about money and possessions and the use of material things. Why so much attention by Jesus about money issues? There is nothing that impacts and touches our lives more in every way than material ‘‘STUFF’’ ... money affects every area of our life! It is no wonder Jesus spent a great deal of time and teaching on this subject.

The really valuable things in life however cannot be bought, but do require our time and energy to achieve them. An old saying goes like this: ‘‘MONEY WILL BUY A DOG, BUT ONLY LOVE WILL MAKE HIM WAG HIS TAIL!’’ Fortunately money has little to do with happiness and fulfillment, which is why the poor sometimes find greater joy in life, and why the rich can be lonely and empty!

While we affirm this great truth, I wonder how many of us really practice what we believe ... does your lifestyle put a greater emphasis on spiritual realities or on the physical realities? Are you so busy making a living on earth that you are not storing up any treasure in heaven? How available are you for ministry or for building relation¬ships?

In these 2 chapters of Matthew’s Gospel Jesus speaks on several subjects ... all relating to ‘‘RULES FOR THE REDEEMED.’’ They are:

1. The Money Rule
2. The Worry Rule
3. The Judgment Rule
4. The Prayer Rule
5. The Golden Rule
6. The Fruitful Rule

These will be the studies we will conduct over the next 6 messages; first we look at the ‘‘Money Rule.’’

PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches us to be careful to store up treasures of a spiritual nature while we are busy living life on earth ... there is more than just the material realm to invest in. There is a worse poverty than that of money, it is spiritual poverty!


A. Investments Matt. 6:19-21
1. Jesus is not teaching against ma ...

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