by Stan Coffey

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Receive the Holy Spirit (4 of 4)
Series: Jesus Said...
Dr. Stan Coffey
John 20:19-22

Today we conclude our series from the four gospels entitled, “JESUS SAID..” The most important words ever spoken were spoken by Jesus. And today’s message is essential to every believer. Every believer is indwelt by the spirit, but Jesus wants us to be filled by the Spirit.

If you are here today and not acquainted with the part the Holy Spirit wants to play in our lives then this message will be very helpful. If today you have not thought about the Holy Spirit’s work in you this message will challenge and benefit you.

John 20 records the resurrection according to John, the apostle. Jesus Christ has risen from the dead. The disciples had been locked behind closed doors, not believing in the resurrection of the Lord, although they had been told of the resurrection of the Lord by Mary Magdalene and by several other of the women. They were not yet fully convinced that the Lord had risen from the dead. This is Sunday night, Easter, about 2000 years ago.

(Read John 20:19-22)

Jesus appeared to these disciples; He showed them the scars in His hands and the scar in His side from the spear. They were convinced without any doubt that it was the Lord Jesus who had died on the cross, who had been buried in the tomb, and on the third day had risen again. On the first Easter Sunday night, they were not yet convinced. Jesus came to them to speak peace to their troubled hearts. He said, "Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so send I you. "Can you imagine the weight of that responsibility? Can you imagine that these disciples felt a tremendous sense of inadequacy? Because Jesus, who had died, who had risen again, was going back to the Father. And He was saying to them, "Just as God sent me in the world to be the faithful witness, I'm going back to the Father, and I'm now sending you." They must have thought in their hearts and their minds "What ...

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