by Stan Coffey

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Take Courage (1 of 4)
Series: Jesus Said...
Stan Coffey
Matthew 14:22-33

We are beginning a new series of message entitled, ''Jesus Said'' In the next few weeks we will read some of the most important words that ever came from the mouth Lord. Today's message is, ''Take Courage.'' Jesus spoke these words to his disciple when He came walking to them on the tops of the waves of the Sea of Galilee.

Now this story has been often ridiculed by the skeptics and the scoffers. You see, mankind who can go to the moon has trouble believing God can walk on water! But I don't have any trouble believing God can walk on water. I know that what God is teaching us in this story is that we are to walk on water. We are to be unsinkable saints in the midst of the storms of life. And it is amazing as I look at this passage, verse 14; the Bible says Jesus constrained His disciples to get into the boat and to go across to the other side.

Jesus was the omniscient Son of God. He knew all things. And yet Jesus knowing that a storm was brewing, knowing that these disciples would be involved in a great turmoil, deliberately constrained them to get on the boat and go to the other side. He said now fellas I have to have some time alone with the Father. I have to go into this mountain and pray. And while I am gone, you just go ahead and go on to the other side. He just insisted that was what they do because Jesus knew that there was a lesson the disciples needed to learn, that they could not learn in any other circumstance except the circumstance of a storm. ]

So knowing that a storm was brewing, Jesus constrained the disciples to go right in to the teeth of that storm because He wanted to teach them a lesson. You see, Jesus always gives the test first and the lesson afterwards. And that is what He did in this story. He gave them the test then He taught them the lesson.

As I look at this story, it has so much meaning for life today because I see the problem of a storm. These ...

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