IF ONLY... (6 OF 6)

by Dennis Marquardt

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If Only... (6 of 6)
Series: Stumbling Blocks to Real Spirituality
Dennis Marquardt
Matthew 23:29-39; Luke 11:47-51

INTRO: Ever hear anyone say "If only I had been there things would have been very different" or, "if I had been put in charge everything would have turned out ok."

ILLUS: In Bible College I said, "If only God would give me 2 or 3 committed mature families to plant a new church, I would pioneer a church with them!" Many years later when God did this very thing it took me at least 3 months to say yes to God! I kept finding excuses why it couldn't be done at first. It was so much easier to say it than to do it! When I finally did it however it was the greatest experience and joy of my ministerial career. – Dennis Marquardt

It is always easier to say, "IF ONLY..." and of course can be very egotistical; it really is often a statement of vanity and excuses!

PROP SENT: God's Word teaches us that we are responsible for what we do and don't do, not just what we say we will do or won't do. If you say, "IF ONLY..." then be prepared to do what you say, God will hold you to it!

I. WOEFUL REASONING! Matt. 23:29-32

A. Alarming Fallacy Matt. 23:29-30
1. It was easier for the Pharisees to honor dead prophets than to honor live ones among them like John the Baptist and Jesus!
a. Dead prophets pose no threat!
b. Their message was silent – to the Pharisees it was mostly history at this point!
c. Live prophets however could point out their present sins!
d. Live prophets were thus unwelcome!
2. This is the danger with such a line "IF ONLY..."
a. It is always easier to say what should have been done once the work is over!
b. They had the audacity to say that had they lived during the time of their forefathers they would not have participated in the wicked actions of killing the prophets God had sent. "IF ONLY..." they had been there they would have been righteous!!!! Mat 23:30 "And you say, 'If we had lived in the days of our foref ...

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