by Dennis Marquardt

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Preaching without Practicing (1 of 6)
Series: Stumbling Blocks to Spirituality
Dennis Marquardt
Matthew 23:1-14; James 1:19-27

INTRO: One of the toughest tests of Christianity is authentic faith on our part!

ILLUS: The story is told about a preacher who was catching a bus one day to go into the city, as he came on the bus he paid the bus driver $1, the rate however only being 75¢. The bus driver gave the Pastor 35¢ change, and the Pastor made his way to his seat. Once seated the minister noticed the 10¢ error in his favor, for a moment he sat thinking about the situation, finally he got up and approached the bus driver stating that he was given too much change. The bus driver said, "I knew I gave you too much, I was in your church last week and heard you preach on honesty, and I just wanted to see if you practice what you preach!" -- Source - Unknown

I wonder; would we always pass such tests? The world is watching, the neighbor is watching, your family is watching, the Lord is watching ... the greatest good and the greatest evil to the Gospel is not so much what we say, rarely is that wrong, but it is what we do with what we say!

It is much easier to preach than to practice the same ... yet God calls us to be different from the world. The world speaks lofty words of peace, but they contradict the words they speak by their actions; we must however for the Gospel's sake practice what we preach!

PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches us that it is vital to our witness of the Gospel to live what we preach, or we will bring reproach on the Word of God! God takes seriously the call to practice what we preach!


A. God's Word Matt. 23:1-3a
1. Jesus does not condemn the office of these men or their authority to preach, nor even their message from Scripture ... just their failure to practice what they preach.
a. And many today refuse the message because of the messenger – messengers that are inconsistent with pra ...

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