by Rex Yancey

A Spiritual Examination
Rex Yancey
Matthew 7:21-28

The Bible says "Examine yourselves to see if you be in the faith." Tonight, I want us to take a spiritual examination. The reason for an examination is to find out if we are healthy or not. If there is an obstruction to good health, hopefully, something can be done about it.

Examinations can be stressful. I had an MRI once. You can't have an out of the body experience in one of those things because there isn't room. I closed my eyes and mentally played one of my favorite golf courses. However, I finished my round before the test was done. I almost hyperventilated before I got out of that thing.

Spiritual examinations can also be stressful. That's why people don't like to talk about their spiritual condition. They have to face the music.

Why should we take a spiritual examination? Because it is possible for a person to think they are alright spiritually, and in reality they are not alright. A person can be deceived.

Let's look at this text tonight and learn some very important things.

1. There is a narrow gate that leads to life, and there is a broad gate that leads to death. Few enter the narrow gate, many enter the broad gate.

The Pharisees were entering the broad gate. They based their salvation on external righteousness. Jesus based salvation on an internal restoration.

The narrow gate is grace. The broad gate is works. You can do a lot of good things and still be lost.

2. There are false prophets preaching a false message and winning false converts.

¬You can't tell a false prophet by his clothes. They are exposed by their fruits. Jim Jones offered hope to poor people. They would sign their welfare checks over to him. It all seemed so wonderful and innocent. However, in the end he killed them and then killed himself.

-False prophets either have a different book than the Bible, or lift someone ...

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