by Stan Coffey

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Living by Fear or Living by Faith? (2 of 5)
Series: New Beginnings
Stan Coffey
Exodus 14:11-16

We are speaking today on "Faith To Overcome Your Fears." Life has two handles by which we may grasp it. One is the handle of fear; the other is the handle of faith. And God's people have always been backed in to a corner, always forced into situations where we were suppose to choose whether we would respond to our circumstance with fear or we would respond in faith. And this is the situation with Moses and the children of Israel at the Red Sea. The Red Sea is before them, Pharaoh and his army are behind them, mountains on either side of them, and so they have to choose how they will respond to the challenge.

You know America is the land of opportunity, but in recent years it has become the land of safety first. And one of the things that have progressed to the ridiculous is all the warning labels that we have on almost every product. It started out with cigarettes; these are hazardous to your health. Now I agree 100% with that, we need warning labels on products such as that, but it has gotten to the point that almost every product carries some kind of disclaimer. When you get a box of cornflakes, "consult your doctor before eating these!" I mean it has gotten to the point that we are warned about every single thing.

Every thing is dangerous anymore. There is a risk in every thing. And there are risks in life. You can't live without taking risks. There is a risk in driving a car on the highway, amen?

The Bible talks about two classes of people; Paul says there are the quick and the dead. And that is almost the way it is on the highway, but there is also a risk in eating fast food. There is a risk in eating beef and if you eat chicken, you might get salmonella.

We were told this week that a certain brand of ice cream made a lot of folks sick.

So life is filled with risks. And when you come to the Christian ...

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