by Rex Yancey

The Fear on Loneliness
Rex Yancey
Psalm 102:7

Loneliness is a fear common to all of us. If we live long enough we will experience it. Have you ever been lonely? Have you ever felt lonely? It is a terrible feeling.

-The Beatles had a hit song "Look at all the lonely people." Songwriters know that a lonely song strikes a cord and will sell records. Songs like "All by myself," "Are you lonely tonight," and "Only the lonely" are examples of hit tunes that reverberated with the populace.

-The psalmist felt like a lonely sparrow on a house top.

-Psychologist Karl Yung said "The pressures and problems of our complex society have produced a world of lonely people jammed together like sardines in a can called earth."

-Thomas Wolf said that loneliness is the simple and inevitable fact of human existence."

¬-A melancholy Linus admitted to that great philosopher Charlie Brown that he was afraid to go to the public library because it made him feel so lonely. The ever consoling Charlie Brown tried to console him by saying everybody is lonely in one place or another. "What's your place?" Charlie Brown replied Earth!"

-People are moving closer to gather and they are lonelier than ever.

-I preached a revival in Rochester New York in a church we supported there when I was in Quitman. I stayed in a two story home away from the church with no one else in the home. I stayed upstairs and I felt very alone.

-Listen to me tonight, you cannot build walls high enough to keep loneliness out. You can't be popular enough, or have enough money, or buy enough things to keep you from feeling lonely.

-Elvis was lonely. He scribbled a few words on a note pad before he died. The notes spoke about how lonely he was.

-25% of Americans ate alone last night. A great percentage of Americans say they are lonely.

I want us to think about three things in this message.

We might as well face up to it. Either we are lonely now or we ...

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