by Rex Yancey

A Lesson on Loving
Rex Yancey
I Corinthians 13:1-13

Time Magazine carried the story that Joan Harris and her husband David had separated. They seemed to have been happily married while David was in prison for being a conscientious objector.

During that time, he wrote a book about how he missed his wife and child. She recorded an album of folk songs and entitled it "David." But a few months after David was released from prison, he was quoted as saying, "Living together is getting in the way of our relationship."

The couple decided to separate. Love at long distance is a lot easier to maintain than this day by day kind of experience.

Ladies, do you remember when your husband loved you? Do you remember when he opened the car door for you? Now he gets out of the car and runs into the house, leaving you and the children behind.

Men, do you remember when your wife made coffee for you? She would bring it to you just the way you liked it. Now, if you mention coffee she suggests that you make it and bring her a cup.

There is something wonderful about Valentines Day. Everybody has a sweetheart. Tonight I want us to move from the shallow, superficial, artificial sentiment of feelings to the kind of love that Paul speaks of in 1 Corinthians 13. Paul gives us a lesson on the kind of love that works in the experiences of life.

Of all the gifts in the world that a person can possess, God's gifts are the greatest. Out of all of the gifts God gives, love is the greatest. The church at Corinth sadly lacked the most important gift of all.

1. Love is more important than being an orator.
"Tongues of men and angels," may be a rhetorical way of including all possible speech. Cymbals were employed in temple worship. Gongs were hung in the temples and used in the possession of the gods. Since the time of Plato, superficial orators were referred to as "gongs."

Therefore, a speaker without love is hollow and e ...

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