by Ernest Easley

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Chasing down Chariots (15 of 15)
Series: Back to the Basics
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Acts 8:26-40

A casual reading of the book of Acts tells us that if the 21st century church doesn't get back to the basics of being the church and a follower of Jesus Christ ... that we will soon completely lose our influence and impact and we will become a distant memory of the past.

We are in a crisis! Baptisms across the SBC dropped for the third straight year and seven of the last eight years and are at their lowest level since 1970. We reached more for Christ back in the 50's with 6 million Southern Baptist than we did in 2006 with 16 million. Some 10,000 Southern Baptist Churches didn't baptize a single person last year.

The early church was seeing multitudes coming to Christ .. ours don't even make good addition. Now we cannot speak for other churches ... and I don't know what other churches are going to do to help change the trends ... but I'm asking you to join me in our GETTING BACK TO THE BASICS of being a Christian and being a New Testament Church.

That means getting back under the authority of scripture (promoting and protecting our unity .. loving one another .. serving one another .. ministering to one another) being Spirit-filled and Spirit-led and once again being a People Sharing Jesus.

The early church could be described by:
-it's POWER through the Holy Spirit.
... that unified them and kept them on mission.

-it's PROCLAMATION of the Word.
... they kept Jesus in the spot light.

-it's PASSION for the Lost.
... as they went house to house .. person to person sharing the good news of salvation. They reaped much because they sowed much. And today is no different. Wherever there are people sowing the gospel .. there are people being saved.

Now today as we continue GETTING BACK TO THE BASICS of being a Christian and the Church .. we come to Acts 8.26 where we find Deacon Philip chasing down a chariot to share Jesus in an unlikely place: the d ...

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