by Ernest Easley

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Time with Jesus (9 of 15)
Series: Back to the Basics
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Acts 4:13-31
March 9, 2008

There are many ideas today when it comes to Christianity and Church. A national survey of 1402 adults ages 18 and older who have not attended a worship gathering in the last six months were asked these three questions:

*I believe I can have a good relationship with God without being involved in church: 86% agreed.

*The church is full of hypocrites, people who criticize others for doing the same things they do themselves: 72% agreed.

*Believing in Jesus makes a positive difference in a person's life: 71% agreed.

The conclusion was that there are many people today tripping over the church before they ever hear the message of the cross.

And when it comes to who Christians are .. the same people were asked:

*I think Christianity today is more about organized religion than about loving God and loving people: 79% agreed.

*If somebody wanted to tell me what she or he believed about Christianity, I would be willing to listen: 78% agreed.

*I have at least one close friend who considers himself or herself a Christian: 89% agreed. It's not that we have to search for unchurched people around us .. we actually already know them and most of them are willing to listen to what we have to say about Christ and knowing Him.

So .. what does it mean to be a Christian? What does being a Christian look like at home or at work or at school? And what about church? What is the purpose of church? What does God want His Church looking like? More specifically .. what does God want Roswell Street Baptist Church looking like? What is our purpose? And are we fulfilling that purpose?

Well .. in order for that to happen .. we're going to have to get back to the basics of what it means to be a Christian and what it means to be the Church. And the book God's given us to help us get there .. is the book of Acts.

In our time together today . ...

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