by Ernest Easley

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Dancing in the Church House (7 of 15)
Series: Back to the Basics
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Acts 3
February 24, 2008

There are many ideas today about what it means to be a Christian and even more when it comes to the Church. What does a New Testament Christian look like? What does a New Testament Church look like? And how do we compare? How do you compare? Do we fit the bill when it comes to being a New Testament fellowship of believers? Are we a church .. like the early church .. living under the authority of scripture whose members are filled with the Spirit of God bringing others to a saving knowledge of our savior?

It's time we get BACK TO THE BASICS. Take your Bible and turn with me to the book of Acts. In chapter 1 we read about preparation. That is ... preparation on the part of the church to experience the power of God to fall upon them. The early church prayed themselves into one accord! Before unity comes prayer!

You ask, "What kind of prayer?" Well for starters: Prayer for ourselves for God to do a work in us! Praying, "Oh God .. make me more like Jesus! Create a clean heart in me! Give me a desire to love like You .. forgive like You .. be like You."

Are you praying like that these days? Are you asking God to do a work in you so that He will do a work through you? When God does a work in us ... as we're about to see ... gathering for worship will become very natural. When God does a work in us ... giving as an act of worship will become very natural. In fact .. the man we're going to read about today was touched by Jesus and for that reason .. you couldn't keep him from worship. You couldn't keep him from fellowship with other believers.

How different from today. There is something wrong when you have to beg .. pled and prod so-called believers to come to Bible Study and Worship on Sundays. When a man's life has been touched by Jesus .. you don't have to beg and pled and prod him to worship! In fact .. you have to ...

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