by Ernest Easley

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The Look That Took (2 of 15)
Series: Back to the Basics
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Acts 1:9-14

It is easy to get distracted in life by doing good things. Now there’s nothing wrong with doing good things ... that is ... unless those good things take the place of those best things.

When those good things replace those best things .. then it’s those good things that rob us of those best things. And I don’t know about you .. but I don’t want to settle for those good things in life ... I want to seize those best things in life. God forgive us for settling for the good at the expense of the best.

Now that’s not only true in our personal life .. it’s also true in our spiritual and church life. It’s so easy for us to be satisfied with the good rather than to strive for the best. That’s why this year as a church .. our focus is getting back to the basics: proclaiming the gospel .. introducing the lost to Christ .. baptizing them .. then discipling them and seeing them reproduce by leading others to Jesus. It’s by getting back to the basics that we experience God’s best and blessing in our lives ... in our marriages .. and in our fellowship.

Consider the New England Patriots who were the first NFL team to win 16 regular games in a regular season. How did that happen? How they were able to have their BEST season, though they’ve had several GOOD seasons? Somebody says, ‘‘Well .. by outscoring their opponents.’’

Well that is true. But how did they do it? By doing the basics of football well: blocking and tackling. They’ve got the basics down!

Well .. that’s what the book of Acts is all about: THE BASICS! It is CHURCH 101. And if we’re going to get back to the basics where God’s best and blessing is .. the keys are found here in the book of Acts. So turn with me to Acts 1 as we think under the heading: BACK TO THE BASICS.

Now last time together .. we discovered from Dr. Luke that getting back to the basics involves the priority of the resurrection of Jesus. ...

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