OUR FOCUS IN 2008 (1 OF 15)

by Ernest Easley

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Our Focus in 2008 (1 of 15)
Series: Back to the Basics
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Acts 1:1-8

Today we are in the book of Acts thinking about getting back to the basics. In fact .. for the next several months together .. we’re going to be thinking under that heading: BACK TO THE BASICS. And I pray more than THINKING under that heading .. that we’ll be LIVING under that heading.

Sunday by Sunday .. week by week .. month by month: every ministry .. every minister .. every minute .. every month ... that the focus of Roswell Street Baptist Church will be getting back to the basics.

When I read that the top reason that people left their previous church was because their church was not helping them to develop spiritually .. that tells me that we need to get back to the basics!

Or when I read that 40% of children will live with their mom and her boyfriend before they turn 16 .. that tells me that we need to get back to the basics.

Or when I read that baptisms among children ages 9-11 are at a 30 year low in Southern Baptist Churches .. that tells me that we need to get back to the basics.

One day Green Bay Packer coach Vince Lombardi was upset that his team had just come off of a losing season. On the first day of training camp .. he walked into the locker room filled with rookies and veterans who were ready to begin a new season .. after a brief greeting .. Lombardi held up a football and said, ‘‘Gentlemen, this is a football. We’re devoting this season to getting back to the basics of blocking and tackling that have made us a great team.’’

Let me say to every member and partner of the ministry of RSBC: this is a Bible. We are devoting this year to getting back to the basics ... namely declaring God’s Word .. winning people to Jesus and then baptizing them and getting them plugged into a Sunday School class for them to grow and reproduce.’’

Now it’s one thing to be organized .. it’s another thing to help people come to know Jesus and to grow. It’s lik ...

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