by Ernest Easley

The Scarlet Thread through the Bible
"The Blood Covenant"
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Joshua 2:18-21
January 27, 2008

As you are turning to the book of Joshua .. let me say a word to you about Sunday nights this year at Roswell Street Baptist Church beginning next Sunday. 2008 is devoted to serving others .. ministering to others .. caring for others so that we can show Jesus and share Jesus with our community.

Next Sunday night is an opportunity to reach out to those unchurched and perhaps unsaved friends by inviting them to a Super Bowl party. You say, "Pastor, my Sunday School class isn't having a Super Bowl Party." Then you have one! Invite that couple or that person that God has laid upon your heart to serve this year over to your house and have your own party.

So .. some Sunday nights we'll be here worshipping and fellowshipping together. Some Sunday nights we'll be having fellowships for outreach like next Sunday night. We'll be having: Cottage Prayer Meetings .. Special Musical Events .. Witness Training ... Gospel Music Night ... Lord Suppers .. Jerry Vines and Dennis Swanberg. There will be a few Sunday nights where we won't be meeting along the way. But Sunday nights will be something you can look forward to and something to invite others to attend with you.

Now tonight .. we are beginning a new series of messages under the heading: The Scarlet Thread Through the Bible. There is a Scarlet Thread that runs throughout the Bible beginning in Genesis and ends in Revelation. And it is that Scarlet Thread that we're going to be looking at on these Sunday nights together.

It was St. Augustine (354-430 AD) who said, "the New is in the Old Contained; the Old is by the New Explained." What that quote says is that the Old Testament points to Jesus and the New Testament presents Jesus.

The Old Testament tells us that Jesus is coming. The New Testament tells us that Jesus has come! In fact .. Jesus Christ confirms that in John 5. ...

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