by Ernest Easley

How to Overcome Failure
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Matthew 26
January 30, 2007

Have you ever considered the similarities between a sparrow and a saint .... a tiny bird and a troubled believer? Well .. consider the sparrow: they possess incredible strength and endurance .. severe winds and bad weather doesn't seem to slow them down ... they fly continually .. all day long.

They've been clocked at great speeds and have been known to fly hundreds of miles in one day .. their endurance and energy levels are enormous. They are extremely strong and appear to be indestructible.

Yet .. as powerful as they are .. if you were to catch a sparrow in your hand and squeeze it .. you could break every bone in its body and crush it to death in thirty seconds.

How similar we are to the sparrow! We appear powerful and strong. We boast of our endurance and are convinced that we are indestructible flying at high speeds all day long. But just as a strong and mighty sparrow can be crushed and destroyed by a single human hand ... FAILURE can crush and destroy us within thirty seconds robbing us of joy.

Let me ask you a question: Has failure crushed you this past year? Perhaps it was a failed marriage? a failed business? a failed dream? And today you're say, "Pastor, I feel like such a failure!"

Perhaps growing up you were told over and over what a failure you were and now you're grown up convinced that you are. Perhaps your failure has you believing that you're somehow now a second class saint and that your days of usefulness are gone. Perhaps Satan's convinced you that God doesn't use failures ... doesn't bless failures .. that God has no place for failures in His plans.

Hey folks .. God remembers our faith .. not our failures. If you don't believe it .. just glance through Hebrews 11. In fact .. put it down: failure becomes your friend when it drives you to God!

Listen to the words of C. S. LEWIS, in The Screwtape Letters, in describing Sa ...

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