by Rex Yancey

When Less Is More
Rex Yancey
Judges 7:1-18

The Marines are looking for a few good men. The emphasis of this slogan is quality, not quantity.
Much of our emphasis today caters to bigness, large numbers, and quantity. How many did you have for Sunday school? How many did you have for worship? What was the size of your offering?
"What kind of impact are you making on your culture?" might be a better question. It seems to me that only a few are willing to pay the price and do what is necessary to really be victorious for the Lord.
There are just a few politicians who really live their faith. There are just a few educators who really live their faith. There are just a few young people who are really good witnesses for the Lord. There are just a few workers who are willing to live for Jesus in a hostile atmosphere.
And so we raise the question what can a few do? However, a better question is what can God do with a few?
The children of Israel were being brought into the land of Canaan and finding themselves surrounded by a pagan, godless, hostile culture. Only a few of them really lived for the Lord in the midst of those circumstances. Most of them capitulated to the Canaanite culture and there were only a few that God could count on, only a few that God could do something with.
-1 Samuel 14:6 says "There is no restraint to the Lord to save by many or by few. That means the number does not matter to the Lord. One plus God is a majority any day, as R. G. Lee would have said.
-The Midianites would run their livestock through Canaan and crowd out the live stock of Israel. They would steal their grain. They did this at harvest time for seven years in a row. I had rather be swallowed by a whale than to be nibbled to death by minnows. They were being nibbled to death.
-Israel has been disciplined and they are now calling on God. He is preparing a great battle against the Midianites.
-The first thing he does is to call out a man. His name is Gideon. He ...

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