by Roger Thomas

Why Christian Unity Matters
Roger Thomas
John 17:20-26

Introduction: You have an awesome privilege and responsibility. In your hands, you have the power to answer one of the most important prayers ever offered on earth. You can make it happen or not happen.

When it happens, the benefits are immediate. Your friends and neighbors will notice. They will say, "Did you see that? That really makes me want to learn more about Jesus. I want what he offers." On top of that, this same thing will all but guarantee that another generation of dynamic believers will follow in your footsteps. Your children and grandchildren will be right behind you ready to pick up the baton and carry your faith and this church into the future. But if this one thing is missing, they won't. With this ingredient comes some of the happiest moments you will ever experience as a Christian; without it, some of the most heartbreaking.

You might think I am talking about some supernatural power or the completion of some costly project. If we could do those things whenever we wanted, surely the world would beat down the doors wanting in on it. Probably not! I am talking about something ultimately even more effective in accomplishing to purpose of heaven.

And you have the ability to make it happen. Not just a select few! Every one of you has a part to play in making it happen. I can't do it by myself. I do have to hold up my end of the bargain. The elders can't do it. Every single one of you who has any kind of relationship with Jesus Christ has an indispensable part in this awesome privilege.

I am convinced this is a key to this and every church's prosperity and every believer's happiness. It is also the subject of Jesus' prayer on the night before the cross. Let's read the text and explore the power of Christian unity. {John 17:20-26}

John 17 contains the longest single prayer of Jesus recorded in Scripture. Within a few hours, the events of Jesus' passio ...

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