by Roger Thomas

When the Kingdom Comes
Roger Thomas
Luke 17:20-37

Introduction: Where is God? When is he going to do something about this mess? When is he going to step in, say, "enough is enough," and get rid of this nonsense for the last time? When will the kingdom of God come? Senseless tragedies like what happened at Virginia Tech this week make us all ask questions like that.

The wise men of this world would have thought Virginia Tech would have been the last place such a thing could happen. This was a world-class college. Nestled in a small town in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains, Virginia Tech was home to over 25,000 fulltime students. It was the pride of western Virginia, and rightfully so. Virginia Tech ranked 56th in the nation for research. The 2006 freshman class had a high school grade point average of 3.80, and an average cumulative SAT score of 1231. For those of you who don't know, those are high numbers. Virginia Polytechnic University was where smart kids when to school.

How could you think of a university setting like that as anything other than a great place for your daughter or son to start their young lives? All of that changed last Monday. At the memorial service this week, the President of Virginia Tech, Charles Steger, voiced the hopes of everyone on the campus. "We will awaken from this horrible nightmare." That would be nice. But what happened last Monday was not a dream. That too was life! Real life!

Where is God? When is he going to do something about such a messed up world? When will the kingdom of God come? Jesus was asked that question in our text. Those who asked the question also lived in a world where tragedies happened. They asked the question in part because they were tired of tyrants running the world and innocent people getting hurt.

When is the kingdom of God coming? That was the question. Behind it was the desire for God to do something about the hurts, pains, and messes of life. When ...

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