by Roger Thomas

What Jesus Can Do For You
Roger Thomas
Luke 4:16-21

Introduction: If the best advertisement is a satisfied customer, as the saying goes, what would your recommendation be about Jesus? If someone asked, why are you a follower of Christ, what would you tell them? You don't have to answer aloud right now. I just want you to think seriously about this for moment. What has Jesus done for you?

Two questions (What has Jesus done for you? What do you want him to do for you?) provide a good backdrop for our text. In Luke 4, Jesus outlines his mission statement. He explains what he came to do. By application, those same words describe what he can do right now. For many of you, this is what he has already accomplished. You can tell those around you, "This is what Jesus did for me." Some of you may have yet to experience this. Jesus outlines his mission in five parts.

Just a footnote. These words are more than Jesus' mission. They are ours as well. These five objectives reveal the purpose of this church, any church that dares bear the name of Christ in its title, and any person who dares call themselves a Christian. Consider Jesus' five-fold mission:

First, Jesus brings hope. That was true then. It is still true. Jesus read from Isaiah 61:1-2. He then announced, "Today these words have been fulfilled." This was his mission.

"He has anointed me to bring Good news to the poor." Poverty comes in various shapes. There is the grinding poverty of want and need. There is also a poverty of spirit and soul. A person may have everything that money can buy and little that it can't. Let's face it. Few of us in this room know much about the first kind. Even those of us who think we do, only come to that conclusion after making the wrong comparisons. We watch the rich and famous strut their stuff on television and, if we are not careful, envy begins to take root.

What is it that both kinds of poor need to hear? They need hope. A ...

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