by Eddie Snipes

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Stand Therefore, Having Your Loins Girt about with Truth (2 of 5)
Eddie Snipes

The phrase 'loins girt about with truth' literally means 'to have the belt of truth around your waist'. Keep in mind that the apostle Paul is using a Roman soldier's armor to describe the preparation of the Christian for spiritual combat. During the era of the Roman Empire when this was written, the Roman soldier had the most advanced armor of that era. The belt was a critical part of Roman armor for everything was held in place by it or anchored to it. Without the belt, the armor lost its effectiveness.

The first step in the Christian's preparation is a foundation of truth. We now live in an era where truth is shunned. I once had someone approach me and declare confidently that there was no such thing as absolute truth. I responded by asking, "Are you absolutely sure?" The claim that there is no such thing as truth is a logical contradiction for if that statement is true, then it also must be false. How can a culture have a foundation based on an assumption that nothing is absolute? Truly our modern culture is building its foundation on shifting sand.

Having the confidence that we can indeed know what is true provides us with a firm foundation on which to secure our armor and our lives upon. A house built on an unstable foundation is certain to fall. It may stand for a while, but when the foundation is stressed, it cannot stand. The same is true for our lives. Even those who reject truth appear strong as long as life remains in control, but when everything around us spirals out of control, only those founded upon the Rock will stand secure. When terrorist destroyed the towers in New York in 2001, how many people turned to the atheist for strength or encouragement? Atheism thrives when circumstances are in control, but when the foundations are shaken or lives are in danger, no one converts to atheism for it provides no security when people need a foundation.

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