by John Barnett

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The Brave New World (1 of 13)
John Barnett
Genesis 8

Under our feet tonight lays the result of Noah's Flood. Sometimes more than a mile deep is a sedimentary layer cake that shows the global extent of the destruction of the Lost World by the Flood. All that remains of the World that Perished in the Genesis Flood is underneath upwards of a mile of rock layers under our feet. No city, no walls, no towers, no villages remain from the Lost World, they all perished when God destroyed mankind. All remains of humanity from the World that Perished in the Genesis Flood have been buried a mile deep. So that means the Brave New World was the world that Noah stepped into when he exited the Ark. The Brave New World of Noah and His sons was a fresh start for man. Every Stone Age tool, every caveman artifact, and every archaeological ruin on the surface (less than a foot deep) of the earth, all are from the Brave New World of Noah and his sons. Nothing on earth survived the Flood in the World that Perished in the Genesis Flood.
This evening we are going to survey what is probably the most intriguing, fascinating, and informative part of the Bible. Genesis 8-11 lays the foundation for every person on this planet. Every nation, every culture, every legend and myth all come to us from the Brave New World of Noah and His sons. Let's trace the chapters and what we will study in the next few weeks.
The Brave New World
1. Ancient History: The Brave New World Overview
2. The Covenant: God's Plan of the Ages and a Map of History 8:1-22 God has a plan of the ages. He has given the first piece of it as "no more global floods". The last piece is a new Heaven and a new Earth. In between is the age-old war between God and Satan, man and demons, and The Seed of the Woman vs. The Seed of the Serpent. Genesis 8 lays the scene for all future prophetic events.
3. Caveman: The Descent of Man 9:1-19 From digs across the world come bone fragments, teeth and strange pictures depicting apeli ...

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