by Duane Bemis

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The Secret Place (2 of 4)
Series: Secret of the Secret Place: Where Great Seeds of Faith Are Sown
Duane Bemis

Are you ready to delve deeper into the scriptures to find out how to be a great man or woman of ''Faith''? The answer is found in opening our Bibles and knowing what it says. One lady who has been saved for 50 years does not think she has ever read her Bible through cover-to-cover. Great seeds of faith have their beginning and their end in the Word of God. But beyond knowing God's Word also demands that we act upon what it teaches and instructs us to do. Listen to this; ''Everything we do in God's Kingdom business finds its roots first in the Spirit or a vision and then mighty men and women of God work those ideas out in the flesh.'' First comes the out pouring of God's Spirit through the evidence of visions and dreams and then all we have to do is work it out in the flesh. This is ''Faith''!

Story Time: I was awaken from a deep sleep and it was about 2:00am. I asked the Lord what He wanted to show me. He directed me to the computer and a prison in Mississippi. The same company I work for has another prison in Mississippi which housed youth offenders. These offenders are from the ages 13 to 21 years old and all have adult convictions. The prison is a maximum security and houses over 900 inmates. My heart broke because I understand the hopelessness and how lost these young convicts are. In that ''Secret Place'' where just God and I were that early morning hours in front of my computer I asked the Lord, ''Here I am what do you want me to do?''

In the Spirit I found direction, in the ''Secret Place'' I found God's heartbeat and in that place He formulated His plan which was only in the invisible. I then had to go and work it out in the flesh. But I had this confidence; if the Lord wants me to do this then the Lord will make a way.

In the year of my Lord 2008 and in the month of September Darilyn and I accomplished what was once only heard in t ...

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