by Duane Bemis

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What Is Faith (1 of 4)
Series: The Secret of the Secret Place: Where great seeds of faith are sown
Duane Bemis

There I was in the middle of worship and I had nothing. Pastor Tim Daily had asked me to start drawing during worship. I had been learning how the Lord spoke to me through visions and I would draw the visions on 3"x 5" index cards. I would write the scriptures that the Lord gave me for the inspiration and the interpretations and after the service I would give them away under the direction of Holy Spirit. Pastor Tim told me that those drawings were truly ministering to people and he wanted me to start drawing the visions bigger. So on that first Sunday I set up my easel and stood there in front of everyone but I had nothing. I wanted to panic but as I stood there I entered into the "Secret Place" where God talks to His saints or shows me, His ordinary human, the deep things of God. I heard His familiar voice, "Just wait."
I find that is easy for God to say but hard for us humans on this side of Heaven to do, "Just wait." So I waited and trusted in Him who sits on the throne. I trusted in Him who is my ROCK and my FORTRESS. The first song finished and the Lord showed me a beautiful crown. That is where I started. As the Lord gave I drew just what I was given in the vision that I saw. As I finished there was a lady in the back of the church crying. I wondered what God was doing. After Pastor Tim preached he called me up to give the interpretation of the drawing. As I began to share the lady that was crying earlier began to cry even deeper again. I still had no idea what God was doing but all that was about to change. As I fished sharing the Lord spoke again to my heart, "Free I have given you this gift and freely you shall give it away." I called the lady to come forward and I gave her the drawing and she fell back into one of the seats. She then explained.

Over the last three nights I have had the same reoccurring dream from the Lord. I ha ...

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