by Stan Coffey

How to Begin the New Year
Stan Coffey
Numbers 13:27-33

This morning if you have your Bibles I would like to invite you to turn to the book of Numbers, the 13th chapter, beginning at verse 17. As we begin a new year the question I would like for you to consider this morning is ‘‘How To Begin The New Year.’’

At the beginning of a new year it is important to know how to begin a new year. How we begin a new year can determine how we live in the new year. Today the future stretches out before us.

How would you face the future? You are going to face the future in one of two ways. I am going to answer the question for you. I won’t give you a test without giving you the answers, how is that? The answer is this;

you will face the future through the telescope of fear or you will view the future through the telescope of faith. There are only two ways that you will view the future. And you are challenged everyday to view that day through the telescope of fear or the telescope of faith.

Now the Bible illustrates this over and over and over again because God knew that you would be living today, He knew that I would be living today, that we would be here today, in the 21st century facing the problems we face, facing the exact circumstances we face, living on this day in these circumstances in these times. Facing the same problems that we face today. So He gave us many examples in His Word to guide us and to teach us.

And the example I want to give you today is that of the children of Israel when they had been delivered from Egypt, they had marched through the wilderness. It had only been a brief, short time and they came to the border of the

Promised Land. They had the opportunity before them to march in to the Promised Land and possess the land that God had promised for centuries of time to their forefathers.

This was the land promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and now after hundreds of years it was to be theirs. They had heard about it, they had ...

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