by Jim Henry

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Training Wheels – The Beginning Place (6 of 6)
Series: God's Financial Plan: Don't Leave Home without It
Jim Henry
I Chronicles 31:2-5; Malachi 3:10; Matthew 6:25-34

Her mother had cancer and she watched her go through a period of excruciating pain. Finally she died. She had two children; Crystal, who was 15 and son named Steven, who was ten. A few months after her mother died, she found herself getting some kind of ailment in her throat. She went to the doctors and they did a check on it, but it seemed to get worse, and she began to fear that she too had cancer. She wrote several notes, took a gun, went out and killed her two children, and then herself. Later on they found out that she didn't have cancer: she thought she did. Because of that lie; that she thought she had cancer, she took her life, not wanting to go through it. She felt that her children would be better off in heaven if she wasn't alive, so she took the lives of herself, and her children. All of this happened because of a lie.
Today a lot of people believes Satan's lies and one of them that a lot of people believe in is that when God talks about tithing He is trying to trick us or hurt us. People believe that lie and because they believe in it they are robbed of a real joyful life.
I think there are two things that a lot of people have trouble with when they first come to Christ. One is tithing and the other is baptism. Once those two things are resolved usually a lot of other things begin to happen in their lives. This thing is very important because we realize a lot of people are not doing what God has asked us to do. George Barnum, of the Barnum Resource, found out in 2001 as he did a research of people in the born again community, that's us, that one-third of born again people who are Christians said that they tithe. On comparing their giving potential and their giving, he found out that only one-eighth of all born again Christians were tithers. A terrible tragedy becau ...

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