by Jim Henry

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Tips on Finances from the World's Leading Financial Planner (1 of 6)
Series: God's Financial Plan: Don't Leave Home without It
Jim Henry
Proverbs 3:9-10

That is what it is all about -- coming to the cross. Paul said, ''God forbid that I should glory saving the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.'' Most of us came to Jesus before we understood a lot of belief or doctrine. We came to the person. We come to Christ, then afterwards the doctrines, and the truths begin to penetrate our hearts and make a difference in how we live, and our convictions about who He is. Historically, Christ dying on the cross, and being resurrected on the third day, is who we relate to.

If you have never come to faith in Jesus Christ, it is all about a relationship, and He wants one with you so much. We pray that even before this hour is over, you will come humbly to the cross.

I am not going to ask you to show your hands I just want you to think about this. How many of you have a financial planner? Don't hold up your hands, just think. How many of you have a financial planner who helps you look to the future. You will be interested in knowing some startling things about financial planning.

Only two percent of the American population will have enough to live on at the age of 65, if that retire at 65. Forty-five percent will be dependent upon family members to help them after age of 65. Thirty percent will be dependent upon charity. Twenty-three percent will have to keep on working. Three percent have no opinion, no I just added that! Because that is what usually happens in polls and surveys.

You know it is very fascinating to know something else. This just blew me away. Eight-five percent of Americans, at the age of 65, will have saved only $250. That means if they went to work at 18 years of age that they have saved about $2 a year. When they get to the age of 65 they have $250 in savings.

Most people don't think ahead. They do not make financial plans. But God's Word ...

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